Women’s Pro Soccer Combines

2016 Pro Soccer Combines/Pro Soccer Tryouts/Pro Soccer Trials

Our women’s professional soccer trials/tryouts are designed to allow players to showcase their talents in front of professional European clubs. With the extensive contacts of our FIFA-Licensed Player Agency, we can help you to establish a professional soccer career. Players who stand out at our tryouts can expect either of the two following outcomes: be selected to trial or sign with the professional clubs in attendance, or sent to trial or sign with clubs the PSC Agency Staff have contacts with around the globe.

Over the last two years PSC Pro Soccer Combines have helped over 200 players gain professional contracts and trials in America, Europe and Asia. Please see our success stories further down this page for examples.

2016 Women’s Pro Soccer Combine Dates and Locations

December 5-6-7: San Diego, CA; (GK + CM + Fwd spots Sold out)
December 10-11-12: Fort Lauderdale, FL. (GK + CM spots Sold out)

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Consistent Success Stories

PSC Soccer Academy is the most successful North American-based soccer combine company for placing female players in Europe. During the past year we have placed 16 women into the professional game from four tryout events, with clubs such as Linköpings FC, KIF Örebro, Mallbakens IF (Damallsvenskan, Swedish Premier League), FH Hafnarfjordur (Icelandic Premier League), QBIK and Västerås BK30 (Elitettan, Swedish Division One).

Here is a small sample of our most recent success stories:

  1. Courtney Strode: Contract offer from Linköpings FC (Swedish Premier League)
  2. Tori Christ: Signed with RoPS (Finland)
  3. Hanna Terry: Signed with QBIK (Sweden)
  4. Jordan O’Brien: Signed with QBIK (Sweden)
  5. Lauren Prott: Signed with Västerås BK30 (Sweden)
  6. Lani Smith: Signed with Västerås BK30 (Sweden)
  7. Shanice Robe: Signed with QBIK (Sweden) 

For further information see our Success Stories and Testimonials

Hannah_Kimsey_success1       Lauren_Badalamente_success1        Sarah_Dilling_success1        Mykaylin_Rosenquist_success1

tori_christ_success_story       ELISE_KOTSAKIS_success       Courtney_Strode_success        Michele_Ramirez_success

Scouts and Coaches Confirmed

PSC Company Directors hand-pick attending Combine scouts and coaches for PSC events, bringing together a group of experienced individuals who can offer their wealth of elite knowledge and expertise to players present at Combines – potentially leading to trial and contract opportunities. Our winter Combines and Tours have produced over 70 success stories in the men’s and women’s game since the beginning of 2016, and we are looking to continue this success.

UMF Stjarnan: Iceland, Premier League

stjarnanIcelandic giants UMF Stjarnan will be attending our upcoming Combines for the first time this winter. Stjarnan will compete in the UEFA Women’s Champions League next season after securing the Women’s Premier League title for the third time in their history just weeks ago. In recent years the club has enjoyed an abundance of success – winning the Premier League in the 2010/11 season, before lifting the Icelandic Women’s Cup in 2012, and later securing another Premier League title during an unbeaten 2013/14 campaign. UMF will be on the hunt for talented players to add to their squad during the Combines, as they look to find success in Europe’s most prestigious footballing competition and defend their league title.

FH Hafnarfjordur: Iceland, Premier League

fh-hafnarfjordur-bIcelandic Premier League side FH Hafnarfjordur will be attending PSC’s Combines for the first time this year having offered three contracts to players in 2015 via the recommendation of Jón Páll Pálmason. The club finished in sixth position in the Premier League this year, and Head Coach Orri Porrdarson will be attending the Combines in search of players to strengthen his side ahead of the 2017 season. The Icelandic outfit play their home games at Kaplakrikavöllur, which holds up to 6,450 spectators.

RoPS: Finland, Ykkonen

Rops 1RoPS gained promotion to the Finnish Ykkonen League in 2015 and used PSC’s Women’s Combines to strengthen their side ahead of their first season in the League, with the signing of Tori Christ. Having secured their safety this year, the club will be sending Juha Malinen to our 2016 winter Combines in search of players for the 2017/18 season. PSC also has a great relationship with the RoPS men’s team,  following the club’s signing of PSC Combine attendee Tyler Back last year and four Combine players having trialled with the Finnish outfit.

Västerås BK 30: Sweden, Elitettan

vt1Västerås BK 30 will be attending this winter’s Combines in a vibrant mood following their recent promotion to the Elitettan and securing the Swedish Division One league title. The club have signed a number of PSC’s Combine attendees during the past three years, including Sydney Blomquist, Lani Smith, Lauren Prott and Tori Christ. Sydney and Lani played an instrumental part in helping Västerås achieve promotion this season, and will be looking for more success in the Elitettan. BK 30 will be on the hunt for talented players to add to their squad for their forthcoming campaign in the second tier of Swedish women’s football.

Jón Páll Pálmason : Icelandic and Norwegian Scouting Representative 

JPP BordJón Páll Pálmason will be attending this winter’s Combines looking to recruit players on behalf of Norwegian Premier League club Klepp IL, plus a range of other teams in both Iceland and Norway. Jòn helped secure contract offers for 2015 San Diego Combine attendees Sarah Dilling and Mykaylin Rosenquist, following his recommendation to Icelandic Premier League outfit FC Hafnarfjordur, and will be looking to recommend more players to European clubs both during and after PSC’s upcoming tryout events.

Simon Deeley: PSC Recruitment Team

SD Staff photo

PSC Director Simon Deeley has headed up PSC’s Women’s Combines for the past 18 months and has personally overseen each of the 16 success stories that have been achieved during that period. He has a strong relationship with a number of clubs in Sweden, Finland and Iceland and will be recruiting players for clubs across Scandinavia from this winter’s events. Simon has been responsible in securing professional contracts for a number of players including Lauren ProttLani Smith and Sydney Blomquist to Västerås BK30, Tori Christ to RoPS, and Shanice Robe, Hannah Kimsey, Lauren Badalamente and Hanna Terry to QBIK.

PSC Agency Staff: Worldwide Recruitment


Since 2002 PSC have forged a respectable reputation in the professional game – working with players, coaches and teams from Europe’s top leagues including the English Premier League  and American leagues such as the MLS, NASL and USL Pro. This long-standing reputation within the professional game has led to a number of former Combine participants both signing and trialling with clubs around the world, who trust the recommendations of PSC Agency staff.

Professional clubs trust our recommendations, and after an event our Agency staff will look to recommend players that have proven they are capable of playing professionally. The following list highlights players who attended a PSC Combine or Tour and received no interest from attending coaches, but trialled or signed with a non-attending club following a recommendation from PSC Agency staff. This recommendation can come days, weeks or months after the conclusion of an event. Please see list below:

– Michele Ramirez: signed with Östersunds FK (Swedish Division One)
Tori Christ: Signed with Västerås BK30 (Swedish Division Two)
– Lauren Badalamente: Signed with QBIK (Swedish Division One)


Tori Christ: Signed with Västerås BK30 (Sweden, Division One)


I attended the San Diego (2014) and Salinas (2015) Combine and both resulted in me signing professional contracts. The Combines were well organized and a great platform to showcase my ability in front of the PSC staff and coaches at the event. Simon Deeley (Women’s Director of Soccer) has been a great asset and helped me every step of the way in signing my first professional contract. I strongly encourage players aspiring to play professionally to attend a PSC Combine. It’s a great opportunity and may help you fulfil your dreams, as it did for me!

Hannah Kimsey: Signed with QBIK (Sweden, Elitettan)

Hannah_Kimsey_success1Having attended their San Diego combine, PSC have provided me with connections within the professional game in Sweden and helped me acquire a trial with a first division team. They kept in contact with me throughout the whole process to make sure I felt comfortable with the travel plans and that I was being taken care of by the club that signed me. Since signing, they have also stayed in contact with me to help me move forward after my season in Sweden has finished. 

Lauren Badalamente: Signed with QBIK (Sweden, Elitettan)


My WPSL team told me about the PSC Combine and they inspired me to go for it. I had nothing to lose! I loved the environment and the high work ethic from the girls and coaching/guidance staff. After the Combine, the PSC staff were very organized and kept in touch the whole time. They made sure I was prepared and that everything went smoothly. I would highly recommend the tryout events, it’s opened many doors for me in Sweden and I know that it will do the same for others.

Sydney Blomquist: Signed with Västerås BK30 (Sweden, Division One)

SYDNEY_BLOMQUIST_VASTERAS_BK30_success2016I attended the 2015 Combines in San Diego and Fort Lauderdale. The Combines are well organized and provide players with a great opportunity to showcase their talents in front of professional clubs and PSC staff. With the help of Simon Deeley, I was able to sign my first professional contract –  it was a dream come true.  I highly recommend attending PSC events to any player aspiring to play at the professional level.

Lani Smith: Signed with Västerås BK30 (Sweden, Division One)

I attended the 2015 PSC Combine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. EveryLani_Smith_2015thing from the registration to the training sessions was very well organized and professional. What really impressed me was the PSC staff following up with me after the event; Simon Deeley kept in contact with me and helped me sign my first professional contract. I am very grateful for the work Simon and the rest of the PSC staff have done to help me start my professional career and recommend the Combines to anyone looking to start, or continue, playing professional soccer.

Hanna Terry: Signed with QBIK (Sweden, Elitettan)

Hanna_Terry_2015I attended the Fort Lauderdale Combine in December 2015 and was immediately impressed with the calibre of players that attended the event. Firstly, the exposure and coaching we received during the event was awesome, plus the personal attention from all of the coaches and the PSC staff made us feel very confident, subsequently helping us showcase ourselves to the best of our abilities. Furthermore, the PSC staff offered incredible help in not only initiating the interactions with us and any interested coaches, but following it through to the end and making sure that we were completely in the loop. Signing and playing with QBIK has been one of the highlights of my career and I am really grateful to Simon and all of the PSC staff for making my dreams of playing professionally in Sweden come true. I would recommend the Combines to anyone interested in playing professional soccer abroad.


PSC’s Pro Soccer Combines cost $320. This price covers entrance to the Combine, the opportunity to play in front of the attending coaches, and access to video footage from the Combine. Spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. In the past, our Combines have sold out up to three weeks before the event’s opening day. Players are responsible for both their own transport to the Combine’s location and accommodation. Discounted hotel packages will be available and announced in the coming weeks.


Players are responsible for their own transport to and from the airport and fields. PSC has partnered with Uber to offer our Combine participants the cheapest transportation available. All first-time users of the app will receive $15 towards their first ride to reduce costs. uberX is now 30% cheaper than a taxi and will take all of the stress out of travelling during the Combine at the lowest possible price. Download the app today and use promo code ‘uberPSCSOCCER’ to redeem your free $15 ride.

Combine Feedback

Following the Combine we will e-mail all players within five days. If you have been selected to trial or sign with a professional club, or selected for a Showcase Tour you will be notified in the aforementioned e-mail.

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