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Central Defender Oscar Junior on trial with Mosta FC in Malta

By admin, 09/20/23, 12:45PM PDT


Central Defender Oscar Junior on trial with Mosta FC in Malta

Central Defender Oscar Junior’s soccer journey has taken an exciting turn as he embarks on a trial with Mosta FC in the beautiful island nation of Malta. His story is a testament to the power of talent and determination, and it all began with a life-changing opportunity at a PSC tryout in Miami.

Oscar Junior’s skills and dedication caught the keen eye of PSC agency staff during the Miami tryout. Impressed by his potential, they didn’t waste a moment in recommending him to Mosta FC, a club in the Maltese Premier League known for its commitment to nurturing talent from around the world.

As Oscar Junior takes his first steps on Maltese soil, his journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring soccer players across the United States. It’s a reminder that opportunities can arise from unexpected places and that PSC’s nationwide network of tryouts can be the catalyst for a professional career.

With winter approaching, PSC is gearing up for ten more tryouts across the USA, offering a golden chance for players to follow in Oscar Junior’s footsteps. These events provide the stage for emerging talents to showcase their skills and potentially secure a spot with professional clubs.

Oscar Junior’s story is a reminder that dreams can become a reality with talent, hard work, and the right opportunities. Don’t miss your chance to pursue your soccer dreams – attend one of PSC’s upcoming tryouts and take the first step towards a professional career, just like Oscar Junior did.