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PSC Confirm New Partnership with US Professional League

By admin, 11/24/21, 9:00AM PST


PSC Confirm New Partnership with US Professional League

PSC are proud to announce an exciting new partnership with US based professional league NISA Nation.


The partnership will see NISA’s professional level clubs attend PSC’s US based tryouts to recruit players ahead of the 2022 season whilst also providing a platform for players inside the NISA framework to gain exposure to PSC’s professional network of clubs and scouts.


“The partnership will be a big boost for players who showcase at our tryouts here in the US.” Commented PSC Director of Operations Tom Taylor “It is not always realistic for a player to go straight into a tier 1 or 2 club in Europe and leagues like NISA are an excellent starting point for them to break into the industry and test how good they can be. The league is committed to helping players in their career and move onto other leagues if they perform well enough which aligns with our goals here at PSC to place players at the highest level possible.”


“It’s a win-win” added PSC Director Simon Deeley “The attendance of NISA’s coaches at our events give more opportunities for our attending players to get placed professionally, Additionally, with NISA players participating in the tryouts we will see high level players who we can showcase to coaches within our network across Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. Our dealings with NISA thus far have been smooth and they show a clear commitment to the bigger picture of helping players in their career, not just for their season.


NISA Nation Managing Director Ron Patel, who has worked with PSC Directors to confirm the partnership looks forward to the opportunities this will provide NISA registered players “NISA Nation showcases a ton of high-level talent, and this partnership affords opportunities to the highest-level players to get a fair look from professional coaches in the USA and abroad – this partnership demonstrates the commitment NISA has to our players and their outcomes far beyond the current results and table.”


The partnership comes just in time for players and coaches to take advantage of PSC’s winter tryouts as follows:

  • December 10-11-12: New York, NY
  • December 14-15-16: Cleveland Ohio
  • December 18-19-20: Phoenix, AZ
  • January 7-8-9: Orlando, FL
  • January 11-12-13: Los Angeles, CA
  • January 24-25-26: Philadelphia, PA
  • January 28-29-30: Houston, TX


For more information please see our Upcoming  Events Page