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Sweden Summer Showcase Tour Player Izsak Fierro Signs with Nordvarmland FF

By admin, 09/05/19, 12:00PM PDT


Sweden Summer Showcase Tour Player Izsak Fierro Signs with Nordvarmland FF

PSC are proud to announce summer showcase standout Izsak Fierro has signed with Swedish Division Two side Nordvarmland FF following standout performances during our showcase tour to Boden this July.

It is a rewarding success story for both Fierro, and PSC, who have enjoyed a longstanding relationship as the winger has attended 5 combines in the last few years. “My goal has always been to play soccer at a professional level PSC has proven they can provide players those opportunities so I’ve always been driven to keep trying and do whatever it takes to be a professional footballer” 

He continued, “I think events PSC host are well organized they provide everything you need to succeed they constantly have communication with the players and are always quick to respond to any issues or concerns that may arise” 

When asked about the tour, Fierro stated “I have enjoyed very much working with all of the PSC coaches and staff they come with a lot of experience from coaching and playing at the highest levels and are passionate about helping you take your game to the next level they want to see you succeed and push you past your limits to help your dreams become a reality”

PSC Director Simon Deeley commented “Every success story is of value to us but when we see a player like Izsak who has progressed so far in the last few years it is that little more rewarding. When we first saw Izsak, he was a good player, but not standout enough to be considered for professional opportunities without some development. We have every respect for him as he has taken on board the feedback we offered him and used it to improve his game to a point where he now belongs at the professional level. He is a great inspiration and motivation to all players who attend our events and do not get signed first time around as he has kept coming back stronger and stronger. That is the level of dedication it takes to succeed!” 

Coincidentally, PSC’s next Showcase team will face off against Fierro’s new club this November as we showcase more talent to clubs in the area when we are hosted by Division 1 side Carlstad United. If interested in attending, or furthering your career, please contact

All our staff here at PSC wish Izsak the best in Sweden.