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Women’s Pro Soccer Tryout Participant Jenna Ackerly Signs with Vänersborgs FK in Sweden

By admin, 03/14/19, 12:45PM PDT


Women’s Pro Soccer Tryout Participant Jenna Ackerly Signs with Vänersborgs FK in Sweden

PSC are delighted to announce their 6th women’s signing of the month as goalkeeper Jenna Ackerly has signed with Vänersborgs FK in Sweden.

Ackerly attended PSC’s California Women’s pro tryout in January and will travel to Sweden next month to begin her professional career. PSC Director Simon Deeley, who was instrumental in the signing is delighted to see so many players from this winter’s events sign in Europe:

“It has been our most successful year in terms of placing players on the women’s side and it is no surprise given the level of quality in both Orlando and Los Angeles. I was connected with Vänersborgs FK through one of the attending coaches and recommended Jenna to the club. The club saw the same potential in her as we did and offered her a contract to come play in Sweden!”


When we spoke with the club, they commented:

“We saw many good qualities in Jenna. She reads the game well, places herself well, has fast feet and reactions, and is very good in the air. We got a very good overall impression and are convinced that she will be very important to us!”

We caught up with the Dallas Baptist University Graduate to find out her feelings on signing professionally and moving out to Sweden next month:

About the opportunity to play in Sweden?

“I have never been outside of the country aside from Mexico, but have always had the desire to travel and live in different places around the world! Sweden has been on my radar for a while; previous teammates were from Sweden, and my Best friend also played in nearby Norway. I have several family members who have traveled across the globe, and I have been itching to set off on an adventure of my own! That multiple dreams get to converge into one is incredible.” 

“Playing professionally will be a dream come true. It is validation and payoff for a lifetime of hard work, and an opportunity for that hard work to continue paying off.  Playing for VFK is a new avenue to showcase my ability and to pursue excellence on the professional level. It means I have a new set of goals to achieve. With success in pursuit of these, I hope to serve the club well in the achievement of its goals as well.”

About the PSC Tryout (combine)?

“Since concluding my collegiate career, I have wanted to attend a PSC combine. Due to various circumstances, I was unable to attend a combine until this January 2019 Los Angeles combine – over three years after my last competitive season. I stayed active in the soccer community as a coach and Graduate Assistant for my university’s soccer program. Because I was still able to participate in practice with the college team, I knew I was still good enough to compete at a professional level. I knew the PSC combine would give me the opportunity to showcase my ability to professionals in the industry.

The event was well-run, and with formidable weather conditions during the combine, communication between PSC agency staff and players was handled well. The level of play was pleasantly surprising. I wasn’t sure quite what to expect, as registration is open to whoever (age 15+) may seek it out, but the level was overall comparable to the college level. I found it easy to work with my teammates at the combine and felt entirely capable of showcasing my ability on the field.

The opportunity to work and interact directly with the professional coaches was great. I was able to get a sense of the coaches’ styles and what they look for in a professional player. Receiving feedback from coaches and recruiters in the professional realm was invaluable and I have gained insights that I cherish and have helped me develop into a better player.”

If you are interested in following Jenna’s path to Europe please attend our next women’s pro soccer tryouts in January 2020.


Jenna would like to acknowledge:

My Family and my closest friends – I cannot thank you all enough for your love, support, encouragement, and motivation throughout this journey so far. THANK YOU for believing in my crazy dream.  Additionally, every one of my previous coaches and teams has helped mold me into the player I am, but I would like to give a special shout-out to the entire DBU women’s soccer team, and associated staff and faculty, who have been a source of such support and inspiration these past four years. A piece of this achievement belongs to y’all as well. #OneHeartbeat