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California Pro Tryout Attendee Signs in Finland

By PSC, 05/13/24, 11:30AM PDT


PSC are proud to announce the signing of California Pro Tryout Attendee Jaqueline Catano with RoPS in Finland.


Catano becomes the fifth PSC player, and third PSC Women’s player to sign with the Finnish powerhouse club. The 23-year-old showcased to Head Coaches and scouts at PSC’s recent LA Tryout and was unfortunate not to receive any direct offers from attending coaches. PSC Women’s Director Simon Deeley was also in attendance scouting and was quickly certain of the goalkeepers ability to play at the professional level.


"Jaqueline had impressed me over the first 2 days but had an outstanding day three which convinced me she was worth recommending to the professional level. Her on field performance was excellent but she also showed she had great character and would professionally represent any club willing to take a chance on her. We're excited to see how she progresses this season."

We caught up with Jaqueline before she traveled to Finland....


How did you hear about the combine in LA?

My coach, Paramo Hernandez, informed me about the upcoming combine opportunity.  He previously recommended the combine to one of his players, who subsequently secured a playing position in Australia. Based on this success story and Coach Hernandez's positive recommendation, I was very interested in participating in the combine.


Why did you decide to attend / what convinced you?

With the aim of continuing my professional soccer career, I have chosen to participate in the combine.  Previously, I had the opportunity to compete in Portugal and Puerto Rico. However, following the conclusion of my most recent season in Puerto Rico, securing a new playing opportunity was challenging. Informed by my coach's recommendation, I saw this combine as a valuable opportunity to gain exposure through professional networking. The chance to interact with coaches and fellow players, while simultaneously showcasing my skills, was highly motivating.  Additionally, receiving constructive feedback from experienced personnel will be beneficial to my ongoing development as a player.


What did you think of the level of the combine and other players?

The combine presented a highly competitive environment, fostering an atmosphere where all players displayed exceptional skill and determination.  The opportunity to compete alongside such talented athletes was both challenging and rewarding.  The combine served as a valuable platform for development, pushing me to refine my abilities and learn from my peers.


What was your opinion on the organization / logistical running of the event

The combine's execution was impressive, adhering to the high standards that were communicated beforehand.  The event primarily focused on competitive 11v11 matches, ensuring a game-like environment for player evaluation.


How valuable was it for you working directly with the head coaches?

The opportunity to work directly with the head coaches proved to be an invaluable experience.  Their personalized instruction allowed me to refine my existing skillset and explore new techniques to elevate my game.  This environment fostered a growth mindset, where acknowledging weaknesses became a springboard for continued learning and development.  Furthermore, the head coaches' strategic insights into game situations, tactics, and overall strategy were immensely valuable.  By gleaning knowledge from their experience, I gained a deeper understanding of the game, enhancing my decision-making abilities on the field.


How has the process been with PSC and the facilitating of the deal since the combine?

My collaboration with PSC has been remarkably smooth.  Their commitment to clear and consistent communication has fostered a sense of security and reliability throughout the process.  PSC demonstrably prioritizes player value, advocating for my interests with unwavering support.


Would you recommend PSC tryouts to other players in the future?

I would wholeheartedly recommend PSC to other athletes. My experience fostered a significant sense of growth and determination to showcase my abilities. The collaborative environment facilitated learning from not only myself but also the coaches and fellow players. This exposure to diverse perspectives and skill sets fueled significant development in my game, mindset, and competitive spirit.


Is there anyone you want to thank / give a shout out to at this time?

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my parents for their unwavering support and belief in me throughout my soccer career.  Their encouragement has been a constant source of strength. I would also like to extend my thanks to my coaches, particularly Paramo Hernandez.  His belief in my abilities and his consistent support over the years have been instrumental in my development as a player. Finally, I am grateful to PSC for providing me with the opportunity to continue pursuing my professional soccer career. Their confidence in my capabilities has been a significant motivator.


All here at PSC wish Jaqueline the very best in Finland! Want to start your pro career in Europe? Check our upcoming tryouts here