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2024 Attending Club Profile: B71 Sandoy

By PSC, 05/03/24, 10:45AM PDT


2024 Attending Club Profile B71 Sandoy

Want to know more about the teams you could be showcasing to this summer? We will be releasing a club profile on each of our confirmed clubs and coaches for the upcoming tryouts starting with B71 Sandoy!

Country & League
Faroe Isles, Division 1.

How long have they been attending events?
Head Coach Richard Goffe has been attending PSC’s pro tryouts for 5 years.

Have they offered opportunities to players from PSC events before?
Yes! In that time Coach Goffe has offered 11 players professional contracts that he has seen at PSC tryouts, 9 of whom accepted and played professionally in Faroe Isles as a result. Their 2024 squad currently contains Hunter Bell, signed from our recent New York tryout in December 2023.

Why play for B71 in the Faroe Isles?
On the field
B71 is a realistic pathway for players looking to break into the pro game. Eight of the nine PSC players who have signed with the club have been signing their first ever professional contract. Players who perform well can follow in the footsteps of James Drye who had opportunities in multiple countries after his strong seasons with B71 before opting to sign in the Faroe Isles Premier League.

Off the field
Off the field, The Faroe Isles is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. In a recent poll of the 10 most scenic football grounds to play at The Faroe Isles boasted 4 stadiums in the top 10! The club provide generous contracts, accommodation and offer a great all round experience for a first time pro!

PSC Directors Comments on B71
PSC Director Tom Taylor’s thoughts on playing with B71 "It is a beautiful country to play in and Coach Goffe is one of the most dedicated coaches we have worked with so we are sure players are getting a good coaching experience whilst there. It may not be the country you want to spend your whole career in but it is the perfect place to start your career as nine players have already shown. A good season with B71 can lead to opportunity"

How Can I get an Opportunity to play with B71?
By attending any of our upcoming pro tryouts this summer. B71 have a strong relationship with Head Coach Richard Goffe who trusts our opinion on players and will be watching footage of all our events as well as attending some live. Our summer tryouts are as follows:

Summer Tryouts
Chicago, IL: June 9-10-11, 2024
Tampa, FL: June 13-14-15, 2024

San Antonio, TX: June 22-23-24, 2024
Los Angeles, CA: June 26-27-28, 2024

Atlanta, GA: July 8-9-10, 2024
New York, NY: July 12-13-14, 2024