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2024 Attending Club Profile: Capo FC (USA)

By PSC Soccer, 05/24/24, 11:00AM PDT


Capo FC will be attending their first PSC pro tryout this summer and have former PSC Directors on staff at the club. Read on to find out why you should want to sign for Capo FC this summer.

Country & League
USA, NISA & USL League Two

How long have they been attending events?
This is their first PSC Tryout. USL League 2 Head Coach Conor Ward worked as a Director for PSC for several years attending and assisting in the directing of well over 20 pro tryouts so he knows the tryout system well and the quality players that can be recruited from them.

Have they offered opportunities to players from PSC events before?
Coach Ward has already used his network at PSC to bring in a number of players this season and will be looking to add to that number from our summer tryouts.

Why play for Capo FC?
On the field
Operating both a USL League Two and a NISA club means that Capo FC have different levels to bring players in. They have a natural progression within the club for those who impress at USL 2 level whereas those who impress at the NISA level can move onto bigger and better things also. With both teams boasting quality coaching staff it is the perfect stepping stone for a player looking to make their break into the professional game and to continue developing for bigger things.

Off the field
The club is based in San Juan Capistrano in Southern California, one of the most desirable places in the entire World to live. Just minutes away from the Pacific Coast and the golden sand which you can enjoy year round in Southern California which has a year round comfortable climate rarely dropping below 70 degrees.

PSC Directors Comments on impressing Capo FC at a PSC Tryout
PSC Director Simon Deeley’s thoughts.
"Asides from the desirability of living in one of the best climates in the World Capo FC offer genuine pathways for players to reach higher levels. Whether you get an opportunity with the USL League 2 side, or the NISA side there are clear progression opportunities to the next level which is why players should want to sign with Capo as their first contract. The quality coaching they will receive whilst with the club will also put them in good stead for developing further.

How Can I get an Opportunity to sign with Capo FC?
PSC & Conor Ward have a great relationship having worked together for the last 5 years. Coach Ward implicitly trusts PSC’s judgement on players and will be using all 6 of our summer tryouts to recruit talent for his squad. Impress at any of the following tryouts and you could be playing your soccer professionally in Southern California after the summer:

Chicago, IL: June 9-10-11, 2024
Tampa, FL: June 13-14-15, 2024

San Antonio, TX: June 22-23-24, 2024
Los Angeles, CA: June 26-27-28, 2024

Atlanta, GA: July 8-9-10, 2024
New York, NY: July 12-13-14, 2024

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